Oh…and I’m not making this up.

For those of you who didn’t believe me
from then….

until now. I love all of the “Sams”

One thought on “Oh…and I’m not making this up.

  1. Scott says:

    Once again Sammy you never cease to amaze me with your talent . Signing , writing/ composing music, fashion, photography, art, and your unique story telling style of writing – truly your father’s daughter!
    As for your topics of discussions, and your choice “du jour”, I like how you chose International Women’s Day to discus “No”,and the importance of setting boundaries around the physical aspects of a relationship. As a parent (especially YOURS) , it saddens me that you think you ever need to apologize or make excuses to a partner/ BF for “taking it slow”
    In this day and age of immediate and instant gratification, taking it slow is still a must and you should never self sacrifice or lose sight of who you are ! Stay true to yourself and respect and wholeheartedly believe that good things come to those that wait , and waiting is both a healthy and required ingredient for a loving relationship. Respecting yourself comes first and with a shared respect comes the foundation for a loving , committed relationship.
    I may be old fashioned, but I’m not old !
    Definitely a tough subject but an important one-
    #sticktoyourguns and don’t self sacrifice!


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